Thursday, April 30, 2015


John Burgess

Tatiana Guberman
Last night the class continued with portrait studies. Some students worked from observation with mirrors others used photographs or their phones as source material. The drawings were expressive, illustrative as well as cartoonish. John's drawing above is explosive and dynamic. The intense dark values and expressive handling of the materials are perfectly suited to the imagery. In contrast to John's drawing, Tatiana's is quiet and introspective . The values are light evoking a feeling of calm.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Dylan Murdoch
Last Wednesday, Friday and Monday the classes have been working with portraiture. Dylan's drawing exhibits a strong sense of structure and light employing both tonal and hatching techniques.
Eduardo Gonzales
Eduardo has skillfully rendered the forms and features of the face as well as capturing a strong sense of mood, light and atmosphere.
Jack Ryan
Jack's drawing has a strong sense of character rich with texture and personality.
Sandy Brown
Sandy's drawing is also rich in personality and texture. In addition, she has effectively used the materials and mark-making to accentuate the forms of the face.
Tatiana Guberman
Tatiana's drawing exhibits strong volumes and textures as well as capturing the models expression albeit slightly exaggerated.


Jose Auraz
For the last week and a half both classes were working on Imaginary Spaces drawn in Two-Point Linear Perspective. Jose's drawing is dynamic and inventive exhibiting a combination of angular as well as curvilinear forms.
Catalina Sarmiento Cardozo
Catalina has created a fortified environment with a complex building framed with trees and surrounded by high walls. The charm and character of the space make up for the areas of inconsistency with the two-point perspective.
Nicole Stender
Nicole has created a labyrinth complete with dead-ends and walls jutting out in unexpected places.
Kathy Heglin
Kathy's drawing exhibits the interior of a cake shop rich in value and light as well as the cakes.

Monday, April 13, 2015


Last Friday the class began working with colored pencils. The first still life arrangement consisted of one die and one ball placed on a letter or number.
Ezra Barbour
The drawing above exhibits a well balanced composition with attention to the left/right placement as well as top/bottom location. In addition, the objects are well proportioned to the paper dimensions. The categories of light have been well addressed resulting in three-dimensional objects with believable sense of mass and weight.
Celindrea Debuck

Dorothy Fast
In the afternoon, students made their own still life arrangements. Celindrea's migrating dinosaurs are very well rendered with light and volume. She has effectively applied the Distal Cues where appropriate.
Dorothy's haunting structure of antlers looming over a figure and die evokes a cold, wintery scene. The tangled structure and cast shadows add to the image's sense of menace. The combination of colors skillfully complements the subject matter.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

COLOR: Still Life

John Burgess
Last night the class made drawings from their own arrangement of 3 to 5 objects. They were free to multiple, distort and embellish the objects in any way. John has created a composition using repetition, scale change and atmospheric perspective. The pin cushions introduce the composition and establish a rhythm throughout the space. The areas of blue make a secondary pathway. The image reads like an astronaut lost in a surreal solar system. Scrambling, yet restricted by zero gravity as he tries to collect his nightmarishly large, human-made objects that have escaped from the loading bay. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

COLOR: Dice and Balls

Jack Ryan
Last night we began class with a discussion on color schemes and some of the technical considerations when working with colored pencils on black paper in particular. Everyone drew from a simple still life arrangement of a ball supported on a plastic letter or number and a die. In the drawing above, Jack has very skillfully located complementary colors. The orange letter is surrounded by blue and the green die is encircled in red. All of which are placed on a surface of analogous colors spanning across the color wheel moving left to right with cool colors to warm. In addition his mark-making on the sphere addresses the cross-contours by swirling out from the highlight. In contrast, the horizontal strokes on the ground plane reinforce the flatness of the table top.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

INDIA INK: Wash drawings

Eduardo Arango Lopez
Friday morning began with small scale drawings in wash. Eduardo's drawings are tonally rich exhibiting a broad range of wash and line techniques. The objects are heavy and ground.
Eduardo Arango Lopez

You Nara
In the afternoon the class made full sheet drawings from a large scale still life. Again, Eduardo created a powerful image rich with texture and value. His marks are fluid and expressive perfectly complementing the subject and adding an air of Old West.
You's drawing in contrast presents a ghostly vision of the still life with high key valued objects and  reserving the dark values for the negative space. The composition has been compartmentalized isolating and organizing the forms as though they were placed on a shelf in a curio shop.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

INDIA INK: Wash Drawings (Large Still Life)

Techi Brant
Last night students continued drawing with ink wash. Techi's drawing above is well balanced rich with values and mark-making. She has effectively activated all edges of the composition as well as the interspace negative areas. The light and dark values move the "eye" from foreground to back. The dark values support the forms and establish passages for rhythm and movement.