Saturday, December 7, 2013


Diane Toso
Yesterday students made drawings of one textured object in the morning and small still life compositions in the afternoon. Diane's drawing above is one from the afternoon. The objective was to employ "cropping" in order to activate the negative areas strengthening the dynamics of the composition. The pod in the lower left balances the dark negative shape in the upper right. In addition, she has engaged all sides of the composition by isolating all the negative areas of the table top thus elevating their importance.

Friday, December 6, 2013


Morgan Caricchio
Once again, students made small arrangements of 3 to 5 objects to draw. Morgan has very effectively employed "cropping" within the composition above. The forms and shapes all work as interlocking elements of the "whole." In particular, notice how the black areas establish a rhythm moving from positive (the dots) to negative (cast shadows and background).

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

COMPOSITION: Balance and Cropping

Grantt Miksis
Last night, students continued with compositional studies exploring balance and cropping in preparation for the final project. Grantt's drawing above has effectively activated the negative areas by cropping the wooden forms. We enter the drawing on the left and follow the overlapping forms to the right. This rhythm is reenforced by the repeating circle motif seen in the two central circles followed by the open circle in the bottom right. The drawing is strengthened by the full range of values and textural elements.


Brandon O'rourke
Last Wednesday, students made drawings of skulls and employing "cropping", (allowing the subject to go outside the edge of the paper). The objective was to engage the negative areas of the composition. In Brandon's drawing above the black areas of the composition is divided by the antlers creating a series of triangular shapes.